Some women actively participated in the conflict as combatants. attack and annihilate in every way officers, soldiers, material, deposits of Hitler's armed forces; attack and annihilate in every way people, places, properties of fascists and traitors who collaborate with the occupying Germans; attack and annihilate in every way war industries, communication systems and everything that might help to war plans of Nazi occupants. Non-involved civilians were also killed, among them people wrongly accused of collaboration by others who wanted revenge over private grudges. The Fascists claimed their armed forces numbered 780,000 men and women, but sources indicate that there were no more than 558,000. The confrontations between the factions resulted in the torture and death of many civilians. According to my estimate, based on oral reports, a more probable. On May 8, 1945, both Great Britain and the United States celebrate Victory in Europe Day. Forgotten Battles: Italy's War of Liberation, 1943-1945. The so-called Koch Band led by Pietro Koch, then under the protection of General Kurt Maltzer, the German military commander for the Rome region,[29] were known for their brutal treatment of anti-fascist partisans. [33], The Republican Police Corps under Lieutenant-General Renato Ricci, formed in 1944, included the Fascist Blackshirts, the Italian Africa Police members serving in Rome, and the Carabinieri. 7 Maggio 1945: alle prime ore del mattino nel quartier generale degli Alleati a Reims il generale nazista Alfred Jodl firma la resa della Germania e ordina che tutte le attività belliche tedesche vengano cessate entro il giorno successivo: è la fine di una guerra durata cinque anni e otto mesi, un terremoto che ha cambiato la fisionomia dell’Europa, portandosi dietro una scia di morte e distruzione indelebili. It's necessary to act immediately and as widely and decisively as possible, because only if the Italian People actively contribute to push out Germans from Italy and to defeat Nazism and Fascism, it will be really able to get independence and freedom. Archiviata la guerra, le piazze di Parigi, Londra, New York, Mosca e di tanti altri Paesi coinvolti nel conflitto si affollano di gente che vuole festeggiare il ritorno alla vita, e per strada ci si abbraccia, si balla, si improvvisano parate e si mostrano le prime pagine dei giornali che annunciano la fine del nazismo, per convincersi che stia accadendo davvero. Following the massacre, the mayor and chief of the Province of Milan, Piero Parini, resigned in an attempt to strengthen the cohesion of moderate forces, who were undermined by the heavy German repression and various militias of Social Republic. They formed the first Committee of National Liberation (CLN), with Bonomi taking over its presidency.[17]. 35-42, p. 37. Other operations were carried out exclusively by secret service personnel. Conduce da studio Monica Marangoni. Mussolini was rescued from imprisonment by the Waffen-SS on 12 September. Oxford. [11] The Germans, often helped by Fascists, committed several atrocities against Italian civilians and troops. L'Arma aerea italiana: 10 giugno 1940, 8 maggio 1945 (Testimonianze fra cronaca e storia) (Italian Edition) [Licheri, Sebastiano] on Please try your request again later. However, German forces shortly succeeded in taking control of northern and central Italy, creating the Italian Social Republic (RSI), with Mussolini installed as leader after he was rescued by German paratroopers. See the Atti Parlamentari, Camera dei Deputati, 1952, Discussioni, 11 giugno 1952, p. 38736, The informal name of the Decree of the President of the Italian Republic, 22 June 1946, no.4, a list that lists the names of some 35,000 RSI military personnel killed in action or executed, "Today In History: Germany Surrenders To The Allies", "The Surrender of Nazi Germany - History Learning Site", "Italy, a Nation Divided, 1943 - 1945 | HistoryNet", Interview with Claudio Pavone on his analysis on Italian civil war,, Civil wars involving the states and peoples of Europe, Articles to be expanded from December 2019, Featured articles needing translation from Italian Wikipedia, Articles needing translation from Italian Wikipedia, Articles with Italian-language sources (it), Articles with German-language sources (de), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Background. ", The Allies did not believe in the guerillas' effectiveness, so General Alexander postponed their attacks against the Nazis. Ministero della Difesa – Edizioni 1986 (in Italian). These figures seem to me too high. The Italian Civil War (Italian: Guerra civile italiana) was a civil war in Italy fought by the Italian Co-Belligerent Army and the Italian Resistance (with the Allies of World War II) against the Italian Fascists and Italian Social Republic (and the Axis powers) from 9 September 1943 (the date of the armistice of Cassibile) to 2 May 1945 (the date of the surrender of German forces in Italy). Saggio storico sulla moralità della Resistenza (A Civil War. The success of these attacks led the German and Italian police to believe they were composed of foreign intelligence agents. Among the first to form was the banda of the Federal Guido Bardi and William Pollastrini in Rome, whose methods shocked even the Germans. [44] Fascist forces surrendered fully on May 2, 1945 after an agreement made with the Allies on April 30, before Germany's surrender to the Allies on May 7, 1945. "Even in this situation over the months the life of the parties was very difficult in the South during years 1943 and 1944 and above all, they (parties) were scarcely able to break through apathy that characterized local populations". [49], Violence decreased after the so-called Togliatti amnesty in 1946. "The Memoirs of Field-Marshal Kesselring." Victor left Rome with his Cabinet, leaving the Army without orders. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Forgotten Battles: Italy's War of Liberation, 1943-1945. Da allora, le date dell’8 e del 9 maggio vengono celebrate come le Giornate della Vittoria, V E Day - Victory in Europe Day - per ricordare la capitolazione tedesca e il ritorno alla pace in Europa, mentre sul fronte del Pacifico americani e giapponesi continueranno a fronteggiarsi fino al 15 agosto. Partisan forces varied by seasons, German and fascist repression and also by Italian topography, never exceeding 200,000 people actively involved. When the Italian Resistance movement began following the armistice, with various Italian soldiers of disbanded units and many young people not willing to be conscripted into the fascist forces, Mussolini's Italian Social Republic (RSI) also began putting together an army. Translation and foreword by James Holland and Kenneth Macksey. Ecco quali sono le norme previste, Con Biden nel Vicino Oriente è già cambiato tutto, Scarpe Lidl a ruba, la ressa al supermercato della Magliana a Roma, Per la pubblicità: RCS MediaGroup S.p.A. Direzione Pubblicità. Royal Italian and Italian Resistance victory. 8 Maggio 1945: folla di londinesi a Piccadilly Circus, si canta «God save the King», mentre la Bbc racconta minuto per minuto la giornata in tutte le lingue (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images) They operated independently in case of arrest or betrayal of individual elements. Others grew around Allied prisoners of war, released or escaped from captivity following the events of September 8. Puntata dell'8 maggio 2020 . Page 243-244. German historian Hans Woller claimed some 12,060 were killed in 1945 and 6,027 in 1946. The Italian Communist Party was anxious to take the initiative without waiting for the Allies: (in Italian) ...è necessario agire subito ed il più ampiamente e decisamente possibile perché solo nella misura in cui il popolo italiano concorrerà attivamente alla cacciata dei tedeschi dall'Italia, alla sconfitta del nazismo e del fascismo, potrà veramente conquistarsi l'indipendenza e la libertà. This was made possible by the German occupation of the Italian peninsula via Operation Achse, planned and led by Erwin Rommel. Page 272. Skyhorse Publishing; Reprint edition (January 26, 2016). [24][25] Partisans and their active supporters numbered 82,000 in June 1944.[26]. Riceverai direttamente via mail la selezione delle notizie più importanti scelte dalle nostre redazioni. [12] The anti-fascist victory led to the execution of Mussolini, the liberation of the country, and the birth of the Italian Republic. O'Reilly, Charles (2001). Decreto Legislativo del Duce nº 469 del 14 agosto 1944 – XXII E.F. "Passaggio della G.N.R. Women also participated in the resistance, mainly procuring supplies, clothing and medicines, anti-fascist propaganda, fundraising, maintenance of communications, partisan relays, participated in strikes and demonstrations against fascism. There was a problem loading your book clubs. During World War II, after Mussolini was deposed and arrested on 25 July 1943 by King Victor Emmanuel III, Italy signed the Armistice of Cassabile on 8 September 1943, ending its war with the Allies. The Porzûs massacre saw communist partisans of the Natisone division (of the SAP brigade 13 martiri di Feletto), attached to the Yugoslavian XI Corpus by orders of Palmiro Togliatti,[40] massacre 20 partisans and a woman at the HQ of one of the many Catholic Osoppo Brigades, claiming that they were German spies. The first detachment of guerilla fighters rose up in Piedmont in mid-1944 as the Garibaldi Brigade Eusebio Giambone. Something went wrong. Please try again. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. The victims were fifteen anti-fascist rebels, killed in retaliation for an assault against a German truck. 1945 Month Day May 08 . Unable to add item to List. These first organized units soon dissolved because of the rapid German reaction. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. We can not and must not passively expect freedom from the British and the Americans. Noi non possiamo e non dobbiamo attenderci passivamente la libertà dagli angloamericani. Considering him dangerous to the public, in November 1943, the Federal (i.e., fascist provincial leader) Aldo Resega wanted to depose him, but was killed by an attack of GAP. Historical Essay On the Morality Of the Resistance), published in 1991, led the term Italian Civil War to become a widespread term used in Italian[13] and international[14][15] historiography. As result, the Italian Co-Belligerent Army was created to fight against the RSI and its German allies, while other Italian troops, loyal to Mussolini, continued to fight alongside the Germans in the National Republican Army. Qualche anno più tardi, nel 1950, il ministro degli Esteri francese Robert Schumann sceglierà simbolicamente il 9 maggio per presentare la Dichiarazione fondativa della Comunità Europea del Carbone e dell’Acciaio, ritenuto il primo pilastro della futura unione federale europea nonché il superamento della rivalità storica tra Francia e Germania (Ap). After the fall of Rome, Koch moved to Milan. Oxford. O'Reilly, Charles (2001). Others were killed without a proper trial. Nonetheless, it was an important factor that immobilized a conspicuous part of German forces in Italy, and kept German communication lines insecure. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. The fascists were strong in the cities and the plains, where they could be supported by heavy arms, while small partisan units predominated in mountainous areas with better cover, where large formations could not manoeuver effectively. In late November, the Communists established task forces called Distaccamenti d'assalto Garibaldi which later would become brigades and divisions[note 1] whose leadership was entrusted to Luigi Longo, under the political direction of Pietro Secchia and Giancarlo Pajetta, Chief of Staff. Italy surrendered to the Allies on September 8. Mai, Alliierten, Armata Rossa, deutsche Kapitulation, Rote Armee, Seconda Guerra Mondiale, Zweiter Weltkrieg. L’Italia con Voi. The Republican Army was augmented by the Graziani call-up which conscripted several thousand men. It became infamous for violent repression, such as the 1944 Piazza Tasso massacre in Florence. [39] Prefecture reports confirmed the recruitment of former fascists in the ranks of newly constituted parties.[39]. Among the dead were commander Francesco De Gregori and brigade commissioner Gastone Valente. Demonstrations celebrating the change were violently repressed. On September 8, hours after the radio announcement of the armistice, the representatives of several antifascist organizations converged on Rome. In addition to regular units of the Republican Army and the Black Brigades, various special units of fascists were organized, at first spontaneously and afterward from regular units that were part of Salò's armed forces. At first it was organized into four regular divisions (1ª Divisione Bersaglieri Italia – light infantry, 2ª Divisione Granatieri Littorio – grenadiers, 3ª Divisione fanteria di marina San Marco – marines, 4ª Divisione Alpina Monterosa – mountain troops), together with various irregular formations and the fascist militia Guardia Nazionale Repubblicana (GNR) that in 1944 were brought under the control of the regular army. 9 November 2019… it fell 30 years ago… Sky Mead Future Cities, from the architectual film creator of Blade Runner (O&O Depot, Leibnizstraße 60) Advent time in Berlin; Happy 90th birthday Theater im Delphi (Gustav-Adolf-Straße … Many violent episodes followed, on occasion pitting fascists against other fascists and partisans against other partisans. Minister of Interior Mario Scelba estimated the number killed to be 732,[48] but historians dispute this estimate. nell'Esercito Nazionale Repubblicano" – Legislative Decree of Duce (Benito Mussolini) n. 469, August 14, 1944, Vendramini F., (1987) Il PCI a Belluno e l'avvio della lotta armata. V-E Day is celebrated in America and Britain. In some cases, there were formations numbering thousands of partisans, until summer 1944 when some joint Italian-German operations would reduce this strength (as in Appendix in, harvnb error: multiple targets (2×): CITEREFDe_Felice1997 (, Ufficio Storico dello Stato Maggiore dell'Esercito. Tags: 2nd World War, 8 maggio 1945, 8. Kesselring, Albert. During the first five months of 1945, the U-boat Arm (UbW) of Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine dispatched 125 U-boat patrols to the Atlantic, operating principally in British coastal waters. Do not translate text that appears unreliable or low-quality. He gained the confidence of Interior Minister Guido Buffarini Guidi and continued his repressive activity in various Republican police forces. Commissariato generale C.G.V. King Victor Emmanuel III appointed Pietro Badoglio as Prime Minister. Documenti, “Protagonisti” (The PCI in Belluno and the initiation of armed struggle. Please try again. The GAP's mission was claimed to be delivering "justice" to Nazi tyranny and terror, with emphasis on the selection of targets: "the official, hierarchical collaborators, agents hired to denounce men of the Resistance and Jews, the Nazi police informants and law enforcement organizations of CSR", thus differentiating it from the Nazi terror. 25,000 partisans captured Milan the same day, with Turin falling two days later on April 28. Please try again. Allied forces and partisans cooperated on military missions, parachuting or landing personnel behind enemy lines, often including Italian-American members of OSS. Con Stefano Palatresi in collegamento. In addition, a large Italian resistance movement started a guerrilla war against the German and Italian fascist forces. Graziani were only nominally involved in the armed forces, under the apolitical CSR. Fascist units, often sustained by German forces, fought for territory with partisan units. Roma:Instituto Centrale Statistica. In Boves, the Nazis committed their first massacre on Italian territory. Recent Posts. On 16 October the CLN issued its first important political and operational press release,[19] which rejected the calls for reconciliation launched by Republican leaders. In Milan, the Squadra d'azione Ettore Muti (later Autonomous Mobile Legion Ettore Muti) operated under the orders of the former army corporal Francesco Colombo [it], already expelled from the PNF for embezzlement. BERLINO - L'8 maggio del 1945, il giorno che la Germania nazista capitolò, per tre quarti di secolo è stata una data controversa. Claudio Pavone's book Una guerra civile. [30] The Banda Carità, a special unit constituted within the 92nd Legion Blackshirts, operated in Tuscany and Veneto. nella Collana Testimonianze edition (January 1, 2000). Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Quote: "In the period June–August 1944, my intelligence officer reported to me some 5,000 killed and 25,000-30,000 wounded or kidnapped. Nella foto un banchetto improvvisato in una strada di Londra, il 9 maggio 1945 (Reg Speller/Getty Images)A cura di Leda Balzarotti e Barbara Miccolupi, In Italia i festeggiamenti per la resa dei tedeschi si sovrappongono alle numerose parate partigiane e delle truppe Alleate, mentre i membri dirigenti del CLN tengono comizi nelle piazze delle principali città e a margine delle manifestazioni pubbliche iniziano le vendette e la mattanza contro fascisti e collaborazionisti. Mussolini attempted to withdraw to the mountains on April 27, but was caught by the partisans and killed. Cities in … CLN Milan asked "the Italian people to fight against the German invaders and against their fascists lackeys".[20]. [36] The parties were reconstituted after September 8. Colombo remained at his post, despite complaints and inquiries. [37] The rest of "the great majority of farmers referred to the parish structures". During the Italian Campaign, partisans were supplied by the Western Allies with small arms, ammunition and explosives. The first groups of partisans were formed in Boves, Piedmont, and Bosco Martese, Abruzzo. On July 25, 1943, Mussolini was deposed and arrested. Actions. 21,600 anti-partisan National Guards and paramilitaries. [23], The fascist republic fought against the partisans to keep control of the territory. This page was last edited on 30 October 2020, at 00:38. [43], Defeats at the hands of Anglo-American forces left the Germans, and by extension the Italian fascists, increasingly weaker in Italy, until by April their front was collapsing and their rear lines were only lightly defended. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. After the armistice with Italy, British forces had two perspectives: that of "liberals", who supported democratic parties attempting to overthrow the monarchy, and that of Winston Churchill, who preferred a defeated enemy to a newly recruited ally. Part of the Italian press during the war agreed that murders were carried out of most moderate Republican fascists, willing to compromise and negotiate, such as Aldo Resega [it], Igino Ghisellini [it], Eugenio Facchini [it] and the philosopher Giovanni Gentile. Il giorno successivo la resa nazista viene replicata a Berlino dal generale Wilhelm Keitel alla presenza del generale russo Georgij Zukov. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. The Italian Civil War (Italian: Guerra civile italiana) was a civil war in Italy fought by the Italian Co-Belligerent Army and the Italian Resistance (with the Allies of World War II) against the Italian Fascists and Italian Social Republic (and the Axis powers) from 9 September 1943 (the date of the armistice of Cassibile) to 2 May 1945 (the date of the surrender of German forces in Italy[10]). [31] On August 10 1944, Muti's Squadrists, together with the GNR, perpetrated the Piazzale Loreto massacre in Milan. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. L'Arma aerea italiana: 10 giugno 1940, 8 maggio 1945 (Testimonianze fra cronaca e storia) (Italian Edition), (Italian) Perfect Paperback – January 1, 2000, Mursia; 1. ed. By 5 May, just 29 were still at large. See as examples the following books (in Italian): See as examples the books from Italian historian. Londra, crolla il tetto di un bar: il passante si salva per un soffio, Segna e cade nel fossato: l'esultanza sfortunata del calciatore diventa virale, Si tuffa addosso a un pellicano e pubblica il video: il web insorge, Una banda di ladri saccheggia il furgone di Amazon e riempie di pacchi un'auto rubata, includes2013/SSI/notification/global.json, /includes2013/SSI/utility/ajax_ssi_loader.shtml, Copyright 2020 © RCS Mediagroup S.p.a. Tutti i diritti sono riservati |, A cura di Leda Balzarotti e Barbara Miccolupi, News e ultime notizie oggi da Italia e Mondo, A Berlino la polizia disperde i manifestanti anti-lockdown con idranti e lacrimogeni, Revocata l'autorizzazione alla protesta: molti erano senza mascherina, Covid, Conte: «C’è un diffuso disagio sociale e psicologico», Il presidente del Consiglio in videocollegamento con l'assemblea Fipe, The Crown, Lady Diana e Margaret Thatcher, pioniere delle emozioni, Padre Livio a Radio Maria, certe assurdità possono provocare danni, Italia divisa in tre zone: gialla, arancione e rossa. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Where possible, both sides avoided situations in which Italian units of opposite fronts were involved in combat episodes. Page 243. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. The Italian partisans took advantage of this with a wide-scale uprising in late April 1945, attacking the retreating Germans and RSI forces. [42] Kesselring's intelligence officer supplied a higher figure of 30,000 - 35,000 casualties from partisan activity in those three months (which Kesselring considered too high): 5,000 killed and 25,000-30,000 missing or wounded. A public announcement from the PCI in September 1943 stated: To the tyranny of Nazism, that claims to reduce to slavery through violence and terror, we must respond with violence and terror. [45][46][47], Following the civil war, many soldiers, executives and sympathizers of the fascist Repubblica Sociale were subjected to show trials and executed. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in. Some orders from branch command partisans insisted on protecting the innocent, instead of providing lists of categories to be hit as individuals deserving of punishment. Leo Valiani said about existence of "terrorists of Partito d'Azione". Other groups composed mainly of Slavs and communists sprang up in the Julian March. This was formed with what was left of the previous Regio Esercito and Regia Marina corps, fascist volunteers and drafted personnel. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Although the term had been used before,[16] in the early 1990s it became accepted. [41], The forces of the Italian Social Republic struggled to keep the insurgency under wraps, resulting in a heavy toll on the German occupation forces stationed to buttress them. [28] In Rome the Banda Koch helped dismantle the clandestine structure of the Partito d'Azione. Nella foto folla in strada a Milano, maggio 1945 (Archivio Rcs), Londra si lascia andare a un’euforia inconsueta, mentre si prepara al discorso di Winston Churchill e di Re Giorgio VI; nella foto due uomini montano gli altoparlanti a Trafalgar Square, 8 maggio 1945 (Harry Shepherd/Getty Images), Poche ore prima, nel quartier generale Alleato a Reims avveniva la resa incondizionata dei nazisti: «[...]L'Alto Comando Tedesco invierà immediatamente a tutte le proprie autorità militari terrestri, navali ed aeree e a tutte le forze sotto il suo controllo, l'ordine di cessare ogni operazione militare attualmente in atto a partire dalle 23:01, ora dell'Europa Centrale, dell'8 Maggio e di rimanere nelle posizioni in cui si trovano in quel momento. On April 26 Genoa fell, with 14,000 Italian partisans forcing the city's surrender and taking 6,000 German soldiers as prisoners. They controlled the repression and coordinated anti-partisan actions of the regular troops, the GNR, the Black Brigades and various semi-official police, together with the Germans, who made the reprisals. [32], The command of the National Republican Army was in the hands of Marshall Graziani and his deputies Mischi and Montagna. If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. Ferruccio Parri said the fascist casualties were as high as 30,000. L'Arma aerea italiana: 10 giugno 1940, 8 maggio 1945 (Testimonianze fra cronaca e storia) (Italian Edition) Up to 600,000 Italian soldiers were taken as prisoners by the Nazis and the greatest part of them (about 95%) refused allegiance to the newly established Italian Social Republic (RSI), a fascist state with Mussolini at its head, created on September 23. In rare cases, clashes between Italians involved partisans and fascists of various armed formations. ]» (Archivio Rcs), Il generale Alfred Jodl, capo di Stato maggiore del governo di Flensburg guidato da Karl Dönitz, dopo la firma a Reims della capitolazione tedesca (Archivio Rcs), Sfilata delle brigate partigiane per le strade di Milano, maggio 1945 (Archivio Rcs), La folla raccolta a Trafalgar Square per ascoltare i discorsi alla nazione di re Giorgio VI e del primo ministro Winston Churchill, mentre la principessa Elisabetta, futura regina, e la sorella Margaret si muovono in mezzo alla folla come due ragazze qualunque (Getty Images), Studenti della facoltà di medicina festeggiano nel cortile di un ospedale di Londra la giornata della Vittoria (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images), Il presidente americano Harry S. Truman legge il testo della resa incondizionata della Germania ai giornalisti, pochi minuti prima di trasmetterlo via radio al popolo americano (Getty Images/Fox Photos), 8 Maggio 1945: folla di londinesi a Piccadilly Circus, si canta «God save the King», mentre la Bbc racconta minuto per minuto la giornata in tutte le lingue (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images), In una Parigi in festa quattro ragazze omaggiano le bandiere dei quattro Paesi Alleati vincitori della guerra, davanti alla Chiesa de La Madeleine (Keystone/ Hulton Archive/Getty Images), Truppe americane ritornano a casa dall’Europa dopo il giorno della Vittoria, ammassate sui ponti della Queen Mary (AP Photo/U.S Guardia Costiera), Celebrazioni per la giornata della Vittoria sulla Piazza Rossa di Mosca, il 9 maggio 1945, Folla in festa sulla Piazza Rossa, dove la gioia per la vittoria della «guerra patriottica» fa dimenticare per un attimo l’immane sacrificio pagato dalla nazione, Militari e civili in festa a New York per il V E Day, La folla di newyorchesi a Times Square l’8 maggio 1945 (Ap/Matty Zimmerman), La Cattedrale di St. Paul a Londra illuminata nella notte dell’8 maggio 1945 (Ap), L’euforia degli inglesi davanti a Buckingham Palace nel giorno della Vittoria (Reg Speller/Fox Photos/Getty Images), Un banchetto improvvisato in una strada di Londra (Fox Photos/Getty Images), Donne in abiti tradizionali festeggiano la giornata della Vittoria a Praga, maggio 1945 (Ap/Levy), Prigionieri tedeschi in attesa su un molo di New York, mentre un soldato americano legge la cronaca della capitolazione nazista (Ap Photo/John Rooney), Il passaggio della 44 ° Divisione di fanteria della Settima Armata per le strade di Imst, in Austria, l'8 maggio del 1945 (Ap), La torcia della Statua della Libertà divampa nella notte dell’8 maggio 1945 a New York (AP Photo/Tom Fitzsimmons), La gioia dei russi sulla Piazza Rossa a Mosca, dove vengono portate in corteo le bandiere di battaglia naziste e gettate in spregio ai piedi della tomba di Lenin, il 9 maggio 1945, I newyorchesi in festa inneggiano alla vittoria l’8 maggio del 1945, Da Mosca a Los Angeles esplode la gioia: nella foto giovani canadesi sfilano in una strada di Toronto per festeggiare la fine della seconda guerra, 8 maggio 1945, Un bacio improvvisato per le strade di Toronto nella giornata della Vittoria, Un'unità di polizia militare britannica sfila lungo gli Champs Elysees durante le celebrazioni del primo anniversario della Giornata della Vittoria, 8 maggio del 1946.

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